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Jackson Freestyle med Aspire Jern
Før: 2.599,- Nå: 1.819,-
NY2 - R227 - Rhinestones -Shorts
Før: 249,- Nå: 100,-
Mondor - Supplex leggings
Før: 489,- Nå: 196,-
Mondor - Pants - Style - 04837
Før: 550,- Nå: 220,-
Jackson Freestyle med Aspire Jern
Før: 2.599,- Nå: 1.819,-
Jackson Artiste med Mark IV Jern
Før: 1.899,- Nå: 1.329,-
Edea Overture Set Mirage
Før: 2.399,- Nå: 1.679,-
Jackson Premiere
Før: 1.900,- Nå: 1.330,-
Edea Chorus
Før: 2.599,- Nå: 1.819,-


Edea Overture Set Mirage

På lager: 9
2.399,- 1.679,-
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Overture boot:

Level : Singel jumps / axel.

Support 48.

Blade: Ultima Mirage - All purpose freestyle blade for intermediate level. Straight cut picks.


The Overture boot is a combination of lightweight design and Edea technology. It is our best selling boot. It offers great support and flexibility for skaters who are looking to develop and are performing basic skills single jumps and axels. Inspired by our passion for skating, the Overture benefits from the technology and know-how from our top of the range boots.